Marlo Hampton

There has been a lot of negative things written & said about my diva Marlo Hampton….. where did she get her money from?… What does she do?

I simply don’t care to know the answers to those questions… I just appreciate her fabulousness. How a person lives their life is none of my business if your cool with me, I’m cool with you; plus you gotta respect a diva that has been to prison & completely turned her life around. I find her quite inspirational and I think if most people stopped hating on her they would too; to me Marlo signifies that anything is possible.

After seeing that closet of hers on Real Housewives of Atlanta, I started thinking I need me a Big Poppa… everyone seems to have one… (lol) I’ve always thought of myself as a career woman but i also love being a mother sometimes the two roles just don’t go together. In times of scheduling difficulties I do fantasise about a wealthy man taking care of all my needs, giving me a monthly budget  that allows me to do what I love & nurtures my serious Jimmy Choo addiction. Oh to dream!

Back to Marlo; this chick is serious about fashion and she wears it oh so well. I could do with out the constant label promotions; for me there is never a need to advertise brands it’s a little low-class & a tad tacky….in my opinion but, each to their own. For me either you know quality when you see it or you don’t!

WORK IT GIRL!! As Tyra B would say….. Marlo you are “FIERCE”

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Baby Blue Ivy Carter

Up until now I’ve resisted the urge to comment on Baby Carter; as Beyoncé & Jay have gone to great lengths hiding the baby as they did for their wedding I think they want to keep it private! Take a hint people, Beyoncé has always tried to draw a line between her business & personal life which I think is wholly appropriate; we all want & need some privacy in our lives.

From the moment Bey rubbed her tummy in that telling way the world has been watching her like a hawk!!! The fact that she was even pregnant has continuously been bought into question; why, who cares if she was lying? I know all about the selling of the soul & other conspiracy theories; I mean the girl seems too damn perfect  but come on people get a grip, after all they wouldn’t be so mega rich & famous if we didn’t want to know every little thing about them.

Like most ladies I don’t mind a bit of gossip whether that be a celeb or a neighbour but as i don’t like being judged i take all gossip with a pinch of salt.

Now I’m sure when Beyoncé is ready she will introduce her daughter to the world, but until then surely you guys can wait without slagging them off.

Sian Phillips Axed From X Factor

Kelly Rowland is said to have been very upset  at loosing one of her final 8 contestants Sian Phillips, 24 before even making it home to Miami for the final stages of the show before they go live.

According to the Daily Mirror, the problems began when it became clear Ms Phillips would be unable to get a visa to travel to the US as a result of her criminal record.

She was convicted of affray and served ten days in jail when aged 22 – and as a result, show bosses were forced to dump her from the programme.

Sian Phillips

Commenting on her crime, Ms Phillips told the newspaper: ‘It was my first offence. I’d never been in trouble with the police before and I haven’t since. I was shocked with myself and full of regret.’

The situation has left X Factor bosses wondering how to remove her from tonight’s episode, in which she was due to feature heavily.

They are said to be busy ‘airbrushing’ her from clips, although it looks likely that she will be shown briefly.

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BabyWatch: Beyonce

Mrs S. Carter might be preggers but she isn’t letting that slow her down! Beyonce has been business as usual promoting her new perfume pulse and launching House of Dereon in London’s Selfridges. Check out her latest outfits.

In Hof D at the Selfridges launch in London.

First there was the Roberto Cavalii sequinned short dress and jacket ensemble; she certainly is a magpie if it glitters ..she gotta have it. Beyonce looks really cute showing of sexy legs in super high Louboutins…Nice!

Outfit 2 at the launch of pulse in Macys’ NY was a Lanvin dress with a fab feather hem  from their 2012 Resort collection. Lanvin,  is really working for Queen B their fabulous draping seems perfect for her already curvaceous body; the Nicholas Kirkwood shoes set it off nicely.


After Beyonce’s baby news i thought it would be fun to follow some of my favourite celebs through their pregnancies.

Nia Long, 40 & boyfriend Ime Udoka, 33 are expecting their first child together;
Nia already has 10 year old son Massi jr with Massi Z. Dorsey. I’m sure you will agree Nia carries pregnancy very well … She got that glow!!

Monyetta Shaw & Neyo were pregnant with baby #2 soon after having their first Madilyn who was born 2 months premature in November 2010.
Monyetta owns Emerlyn & Ester boutique in Buckhead, Atlanta. As you can see Monyetta rocks it so hard on the fashion front.

Chloe Charlemagne

This up and coming young artist is fantastic, not only is she super talented she is super sweet too. The Laila Gold team often works with media management teams to build or perfect the public image of new talent.

Here are a few stills from the 1st video shoot for Chloe Charlemagne’s first album, it is still untitled but as soon as I know you guys will know!

"Don't lie to me" Video Shoot

BabyWatch: Beyonce

The lovely Beyonce and her husband of 3 years are having a baby …”Yippee”. Beyonce confirmed rumours she was pregnant at the VMA’s in August by rubbing her belly in that oh so special way.

As one of the few celebrities that like to keep her private life private I’m sure she wanted to enjoy her news for as long as she could but you can’t hide a baby. Whilst the baby news is fabulous I’m secretly more excited about the upcoming pregnancy wardrobe… how will she dress that bump?

Here is a taster of what Queen B has in store for us …  she wore the purple sequinned tuxedo jacket, white shirt and black trousers from Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2011 collection and being pregnant hasn’t changed her taste for super high heels.

On the red carpet she looked striking and elegant in a beautifully draped orange, silk, one-shoulder dress from Lanvin Fall 2011 collection; balancing the strong dress colour with  accessories from Lorraine Schwartz.

Beyonce kept her makeup understated with a peachy natural look

I must say I don’t always personally like B’s outfit choices but she does her thing and her pregnancy style promises to be anything but boring.