Sian Phillips Axed From X Factor

Kelly Rowland is said to have been very upset  at loosing one of her final 8 contestants Sian Phillips, 24 before even making it home to Miami for the final stages of the show before they go live.

According to the Daily Mirror, the problems began when it became clear Ms Phillips would be unable to get a visa to travel to the US as a result of her criminal record.

She was convicted of affray and served ten days in jail when aged 22 – and as a result, show bosses were forced to dump her from the programme.

Sian Phillips

Commenting on her crime, Ms Phillips told the newspaper: ‘It was my first offence. I’d never been in trouble with the police before and I haven’t since. I was shocked with myself and full of regret.’

The situation has left X Factor bosses wondering how to remove her from tonight’s episode, in which she was due to feature heavily.

They are said to be busy ‘airbrushing’ her from clips, although it looks likely that she will be shown briefly.

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