Chloe Charlemagne

This up and coming young artist is fantastic, not only is she super talented she is super sweet too. The Laila Gold team often works with media management teams to build or perfect the public image of new talent.

Here are a few stills from the 1st video shoot for Chloe Charlemagne’s first album, it is still untitled but as soon as I know you guys will know!

"Don't lie to me" Video Shoot


Special Occasion – Hair & Makeup

We provide superb hair & makeup packages for all occasions; from weddings & graduations to fashion shows & photo-shoots. We also provide private one on one lessons & group workshops in the privacy of your own home or at our bespoke studio in Nottingham.

Here of a couple of examples of how to use the seasons hottest colour: M.A.C shadow in Chrome Yellow

Don’t count on just anyone when you need to look your best; the team at Laila Gold Beauty are here with a wealth of experience in hair, makeup & fashion along with the highest level in client care. You can rest assured that you will be well taken care of and we are more than able to achieve any look you desire.

Jacqui & Tony’s Wedding- 17th July 2010

Last Minute Bride

I always advice brides to have a makeup trial well in advance in order to make adjustments & changes in a stress free atmosphere, making sure you look your loveliest on the day. Believe me .. wedding day nerves play havoc with all decision making capabilities. However our team is experienced in working in high pressure situations and welcome last minute bookings.  Even if its the week before the wedding, we may be able to help. Don’t let last minute worries stress you out. Contact us like the lovely Jacqui who was planning to do her own wedding makeup but realised 2 weeks before that she had enough to be nervous about without running the risk of looking so-so on her big day. A friend referred her to Laila Gold Beauty and we were able to produce her dream look without a trial.  If we aren’t fully booked on your date you can count on us to make you simply stunning.

Brides makeup & lace wig application & styling by