Traditional English Breakfast

I try to do a little breakfast spread for my family about once a month, my husband works varied hours so we don’t have a typical weekend routine. It’s not much fun cooking for one i.e sunday roasts, cooked breakfast’s etc; so I go with the flow and fit them when I can.

During the cold months my favourite kind of breakfast is a variation of your typical fry up only a little more refined (or so I’d like to think). This breakfast also is a great reminder of when my husband & I were a young childless couple (we’re practically middle-aged according to our son); we used to visit our favourite cafe on a Sunday afternoon after laying up in bed all day recovering from one sin or another ordering from the all day breakfast menu. Not BRUNCH oh no that might involve some healthy choices such as fruit, yogurt..etc an all day breakfast!! Everything is basically fried hence the name “Fry-Up” the plates are ridiculously big & there was no disguise to these heart clogging dishes. I’m ashamed to say i almost always ate it all, at 21 the body could handle it plus it was typically our main meal for the day.

Although my version has a lot less fat & calories than a greasy spoon I think it tastes way better. The ingredients are allowed to take centre stage keeping the vibrant colours & distinctive tastes that make this breakfast truly enjoyable. All that extra grease may have been good for a hangover but not much else.